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Bill Goodwin is Founder and Managing Partner of Goodwin Executive Search, responsible for end-to-end search execution and client development.

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Smith Andrews serves as a partner at Goodwin Executive Search and is responsible for client development, talent acquisition, and  recruitment efforts on behalf of his clients.

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Paul Conway is a Strategic Partner at Goodwin Search who brings over twenty years in retained executive search consulting, which followed his career in financial services. 




Our practice is focused on delivering results. As a boutique firm, we simply cannot disappoint our clients, and we don’t. We are in the business of delighting our clients and developing long term relationships where we become a truly trusted partner that delivers time and time again. 



We only accept a few assignments at one time, allowing us to devote an unusual amount of time and energy to each search. We can therefore be exceptionally thorough and thoughtful in our work while still moving forward on schedule. This also allows us to become more deeply involved with each of our clients’ needs and become an extension of their team.


Off Limits,

National Reach

The firm is not hampered by the large search firm off-limits lists, which constrain the ability to produce excellent and rapid results. All of our searches are National (or International) in scope meaning we successfully source candidates from companies and competitors all over the U.S. We have a good track record of relocating candidates to cities around the country including the Midwest.


24+ years of experience refining the most extensive and creative candidate research techniques and technologies.  Successful executive search is rooted in being able to identify the best candidate pool within the first three weeks of a search.


We know how to market our clients and their attributes to create excitement in the marketplace. We are great at “telling their story” and creating enthusiasm for the organization. We are equally strong in assessing candidate’s competencies and fit with an organization. We spend a lot of time getting to know our clients up front, and typically will touch 400+ potential candidates on a given search. We will formally interview at least 15 – 20 candidates, discuss them throughout the process via weekly status calls and reports, and then narrow the field to 4 – 6 of the best candidates for client interviews. We manage each step of the process professionally to cast a positive light on our client, we work to land the best candidate, and follow up to ensure a great hire. We have also conducted extensive competitive mapping and pipeline building for clients with multiple needs. 



Before each candidate is presented, we conduct extensive due diligence to obtain credible feedback from trusted sources, which augments our assessment.  


We are passionate about what we do and we care quite deeply.  We care about producing superior results for our clients and work tirelessly and diligently to make sure they are more than satisfied.  We are a boutique firm known for our hard work, creative approach, flexibility, and ultimately results.  

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