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We rely on deep and long-lasting client relationships,

where our dedication to personal interaction results in a fast turnaround, one of the highest completion rates in the business, and a highly satisfied client base that continues to use us for critical search after critical search.

We get to excellent candidate matches in a more data-driven and targeted way through:

Leveraging an AI-driven matching engine which identifies ideal candidates in record time​

Our extensive network and database of candidates and previous, relevant searches which we rely on to identify previously known candidates and sources

Our experienced, and dedicated team of researchers, associates, and search partners

Our willingness to take on fewer searches, thereby allowing us to dedicate extra time and effort to conduct a thorough yet timely search for the best leaders in the market

The firm is not hampered by the large search firm “off-limits” lists which constrain many firms, and we believe our completion rate, well in excess of 95% is among the industry’s highest.  


bill headshot.jpg

Bill Goodwin

Bill Goodwin is Founder and Managing Partner of Goodwin Executive Search, responsible for end-to-end search execution and client development.


Smith Andrews

Smith Andrews serves as a partner at Goodwin Executive Search and is responsible for client development, talent acquisition, and  recruitment efforts on behalf of his clients.

paul goodwin search pic.jpg

Paul Conway

Paul Conway is a Strategic Partner at Goodwin Search who brings over twenty years in retained executive search consulting, which followed his career in financial services.  

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