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Accolade - Senior Director, Workforce Operations, Denver, CO

We are pleased to announce the placement of Robert Mackey as head of Workforce Management at Accolade.

Mr. Mackey is considered one of the foremost workforce management thought leaders in the world and has a wealth of experience in leading and building highly effective workforce management organizations. He has a strong mix of both leading large, global WFM functions at very large BPO companies such as Sutherland Global Services, Sykes, and Capgemini, coupled with very relevant experience as a WFM consultant helping companies like Cigna, eBay, Brinker, Lucent, Blockbuster, YUM brands, and others with the delivery and execution of a variety of workforce management, call center, operational optimization, and transformation projects. Rob has also developed university-validated workforce algorithms that have led to 10% - 30% reductions in workforce size requirements.

At Cigna, Robert was responsible for setting up and delivering on a complex workforce management project for their telehealth offerings which relied on a team of registered nurses working from home. Over the last three years, Mr. Mackey has consulted with a variety of large clients including eBay and Capgemini an on a variety of transformational project from sales organization optimization, WFM and analytics innovation, and setting up WFM centers.


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