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Accolade - Vice President of Clinical and Service Delivery, Scottsdale, AZ

We are pleased to announce the placement of Dr. Carmen-Hill-Mekoba as the Vice President of Clinical and Service Delivery at Accolade, a personalized health and benefits solution for employers, health plans, and their members. Dr. Hill-Mekoba will be tasked with the responsibility of building and running operations to ensure client satisfaction.

Dr. Hill-Mekoba is an adult and geriatric Nurse Practitioner, who began her nursing career over twenty years ago in hospital cardiac and critical care units. Prior to Accolade she joined Matrix Medical Network in 2014, where she served as the Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at Matrix Medical Network where she oversaw a clinical field staff of over 6,000 clinicians.

In 2006, Dr. Hill-Mekoba followed her entrepreneurial spirit and founded a medical house call practice to serve the geriatric community residing in subsidized, public housing in the city of Atlanta. She maintained that practice for several years until she accepted a leadership position at United Health Care in their House Calls division. She is a visionary leader in the medical field and is deeply passionate about bringing accessible, affordable quality care to people in need nationwide.


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