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Eton Solutions - Vice President of Sales, Chapel Hill, NC

We are pleased to announce the placement of John Hufnagel as Vice President of Sales at Eton Solutions, a wealth management technology firm that offers a proprietary SaaS platform in the ultra-high net work office management space.

Mr. Hufnagel is tasked with driving the overall sales strategy and execution for this incredibly high-growth, next-generation fintech leader. Eton Solutions was established in 2015 as a third-generation wealth management technology firm to commercialize what users were calling the most comprehensive, integrated wealth management software platform for the business management and family office markets. The firm was founded based on deep domain expertise in the family office field supplemented by strong systems development and client service teams to reduce process time and cost, manage cyber-security and business continuity risk, and bring real-time reporting to family office clients with $100 million to multi-millions in assets

Prior to joining Eton Solutions, John served for five years as Vice President of Sales at Backstop Solutions, a competitor in the space. John was responsible for growing Backstop’s client base from 24 to close to 200 family offices and over 10x revenue growth during his tenure. John has a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from the University of Indiana.


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