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Leesa - Senior Director, FP&A, Virginia Beach, VA

We are pleased to announce the placement of Hunter Saunders as Senior Director, FP&A at Leesa, an innovative, and fast growing e-commerce (and retail) mattress brand that is challenging the traditional players in the industry with their premium mattress designs, superior customer service, and social impact programs all around the world.

Prior to joining Leesa, Hunter served as the Senior Finance Manager for Apple, Inc. in Cupertino, California. Hunter is a corporate finance leader with over 12 years of experience at Apple supporting C-suite and senior decision makers, serving as strategic advisor across capital investments, critical resource allocation, demand generation, and tactical positioning within developed and emerging markets, with a proven track record in FP&A functions.

Hunter is relocating from California to Virginia Beach to join the team at Leesa. At Leesa, Hunter will lead a team and will be tasked with building out the function and team including building a robust analytics engine. Hunter is excited for the unique opportunity to shape and influence the growth of the business and the company strategy now and over the coming years.


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