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Infinia ML - Head of Business Development, Durham, NC

We are pleased to announce the placement of Michael McDonel as Head of Business Development at Infinia ML. Michael will be based out of Infinia ML’s Durham, NC office.

Prior to joining InfiniaML, Michael successfully Led business strategy, services delivery, new business growth, and management of a $90MM blanket purchase agreement as Enterprise Lead of a U.S. government software deployment. He oversaw teams of consultants and engineers to rapidly configure and deploy software for clients. Michael conceived, developed, and implemented new end-to-end Palantir software strategy with USG clients during fast-moving epidemiological responses by integrating messy, highly sensitive data. Michael has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Political Science, Middle East and Islamic Studies from Miami University, Oxford.

At Infinia ML, Michael joins an impressive team of artificial intelligence experts with experience in industries including healthcare, security, and business process automation. The company’s Chief Scientist is machine learning visionary Lawrence Carin, Ph.D., the Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Electrical and Computer Science at Duke University. Leveraging funding from noted private equity firm Carrick Capital Partners.

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